Friday, January 22, 2010


Jim and I have been married for 44 years today! This morning I woke up to a steaming, fresh pot of Breakfast Blend coffee and a card that called me the love of his life. This afternoon I came home to a vase of 24 LONG-STEMMED PINK ROSES! Here is a picture of this amazing man! Eat your hearts out, ladies, I know I'm lucky!

Tonight we will go out for a semi-romantic dinner. :>) Our son Matt who is visiting from Istanbul will be joining us. :) He's a lot of fun and keeps us quite entertained, though, so that's okay.


At his grandmother's birthday party, before she blew out the candles in one puff, my son Matt pointed out that 93 is an important milestone for her. The number 93 is of itself quite interesting, he said, for the following reasons:

     *The differential between 9 and 3 is relatively large.
     *Three squared is 9.
     *Three is the number in the Holy Trinity.
     *Nine contains 3 trinities!

"Yes, and it takes a long time to get there!" my sister Mary quipped.